MATRA- Simca Rancho : the book


November 12, 2014 was published the book on the Rancho !

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Author :

André Dewael

Language :

In french

Nb of pages :


Format :

24,6 x 22,2

Photos colors and B&W :


Binding :

Hard cover



Price : 29,90 €

With the Rancho, Matra begins a strategic change, the result of intuition.

When fashion is the "green" motorcycle in France, Matra created in 1977 a "green car", a true recreational vehicle bucolic.

Thus was born one that is both ancestor MPV - shortly before the 4x4 fashion - but also "ludospaces" and other current "SUV". Because Rancho is a really "voiture ŕ vivre" many years before the french slogan of Renault.

Without his success beyond all hope, Matra would never have been the pioneer in creating the Renault Espace whose success has been very great.



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